MetaMedia Wraps up Production on OSHA 30 Hour Refresher Training for SMOHIT

GERMANTOWN, MD— February 9, 2011 – MetaMedia Training International, Inc. continues to turn out state-of-the-art multimedia training programs as part of its ongoing work with the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT), the leader in sheet metal safety. MetaMedia is wrapping up production on two new training programs, OSHA 30 Hour Refresher Training Program and Machine and Tool Safety on CD.

“We are proud of our continued role and commitment to improving the health and wellness of our unionized sheet metal craftsmen. The quality and content of the OSHA 30 Hour Refresher Training Program and Machine and Tool Safety are exceptional and are great complements to SMOHIT’s extensive line of safety training solutions,” said Gary Batykefer SMOHIT Administrator.

The OSHA 30 Hour Refresher Training Program is an eight-hour condensed course that highlights safety and health guidelines for the construction industry, satisfying the OSHA training requirements and recommendations. Some of the topics include Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection, Stairways and Ladders, Scaffolds and Aerial Lifts, Electrical Hazards, Vehicles and Roadway Hazards, Compressed Gases, Electric Welding, Confined Space, Fire Safety, Excavation and Trenching, and Work-Related Health Hazards.

Machine and Tool Safety provides five hours of instruction, covering tools commonly used in sheet metal fabrication shops. The program examines the purpose and hazards of the tools, and provides “how to” videos demonstrating the correct use of each tool. It also includes a module on general safety that includes topics like keeping the work area clean, staying alert and paying attention, using the right tool for the right job, and wearing appropriate PPE. Some of the modules include Angle Grinder, Bench Grinder, Circular Saw, Die Grinder, Drill, Drill Press, Foot Shear, Hacksaw, Hammer Drill, Power Shears, Reciprocating Saw, and Table Saw.

“Considering the broad spectrum of safety hazards that sheet metal workers face daily, we are pleased to offer these CD-ROMs now, so avoidance and prevention of dangers can begin immediately. Ensuring job safety and preventing occupational injuries with user-friendly multimedia training resources is an important SMOHIT mission and we are extremely proud to be a part of this collaboration,” said MetaMedia Vice President Chris Held.

In recent years, MetaMedia has provided SMOHIT with a number of high-quality, interactive training programs, including Fall Protection, CORE Safety, Sheet Metal Stressors, and Mast Scaffold, all of which have served to greatly minimize occupational illnesses and injuries to sheet metal craftsmen.

Founded in 1986, SMOHIT is a Joint Labor Management Trust whose mission is to provide industry-leading health and safety solutions to minimize occupational illnesses and injuries for sheet metal craftsmen.  SMOHIT serves more than 123,000 members of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association (SMWIA) and 4,500 members of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA). SMOHIT is the sheet metal industry’s leading resource for health and safety products and services.

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