Daniel M. Govar

mm_danielgovarDaniel M. Govar
Creative DirectorMr. Govar majored in imaging and Digital Art at UMBC with an emphasis on interactivity, animation, traditional film, and illustration. He worked for three years at the Calvert School, producing digital media for home-schooled students.

He was a programmer/animator/project leader and produced three CD-ROMs there as well as an astronomy Website. Mr. Govar moved on to develop a Web-based, award-winning animated series called Eclipse for the Scifi Channel. Following the success of the series, he was later brought on to Chi-Chian–another animated series being developed by director/musician Voltaire. This led to a coveted People’s Choice Flash Forward Award.

After his stint with scifi.com, Mr. Govar worked on freelance projects for clients including Nike, MCI, USDA, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, U.S. sports teams, and various unions. During that time he co-founded and illustrated ThereAndBackAgain.net, a Lord of the Rings site dedicated to visualizing the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. It has garnered numerous awards and has been featured in publications such as Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. Mr. Govar has illustrated dozens of book covers and his artwork has graced media of all formats.