Boris Red and Adobe After Effects

As a video editor I am commonly asked to create motion graphics for projects that I am working on. There are several tools out there that I rely on including Boris Red and Adobe After Effects. Although the programs are similar with their advanced key framing, effect plugins, camera, lights, layering and masking; I find that there is value in using both programs.

It is easier to get multiple layers of video from my Avid timeline into the Red program. Because Red has a plugin for Avid it is easily applied to your video clips within it. All you have to do is layer your video in the timeline and apply the Red filter to the top layer of video and all your footage below the top layer is imported into Red. With After Effects you would have to render out each clip as a separate file or make proxies and then import them into an After Effects sequence. This not only takes longer, but can eat up more hard drive space. So, when I have to create motion graphics using multiple layers of video I choose Boris Red.

I like using After Effects when there is minimal video evolved and mostly graphics. As an editor, it is very frustrating to work with video in After Effects because of its slow response time. For example, you can’t just hit the spacebar to preview a clip you must first RAM preview it. However, it previews graphical elements, effects, and multiple layers very quickly. I also think After Effects cameras, lights and 3D layers are much more user friendly. When I have a project with mostly graphical elements, I prefer After Effects.

After Effects Sample Video:


Boris Red Sample Video:

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