MetaMedia developing Mobile Health (mHealth) App for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

MetaMedia is immersed in the development of “Crush”, a Mobile Health (mHealth) app for the prevention of teen pregnancy, funded by a Phase II SBIR award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Components of the Phase I mobile app are being expanded and many new features are being implemented. Much is going on behind the scenes to produce a comprehensive and compelling tool for teen girls to access medically-accurate and need-to-know sexual information on their smartphones.
Most notably, over 4,000 health clinics have been successfully added to the “Crush” App. In addition, a Clinic Finder tool has been reformatted to display the clinic information more clearly on the screen of the mobile device with the ability for the app to interface with the GPS of the smartphone. By interfacing with the smartphone GPS unit, the App can now center the map on the user’s actual location, automatically display the clinics nearby and provide directions from the present location to the clinic selected by the user.

Also in development are engaging custom animations on the topics of the fertility cycle, how pregnancy occurs, and how different forms of contraception work. Plus, in production is an interactive scenario-based comic that will focus on various topics such as healthy teen relationships and teens being pressured into having sex. The comics are designed for smartphones in which user swipes through comic panels on their phone screen until they reach a critical decision point and must choose a path that shows them the outcome of their decision.
“Crush” is being designed to provide direct confidential access to accurate and comprehensive information geared to increase awareness and change attitudes about teen reproductive health.

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