Creative Services


MetaMedia is renowned for its high-impact creativity that engages the learner and simulates real-world environments. MetaMedia succeeds at applying compelling and creative approaches to course development to make the learning engaging, ensure performance objectives are met, convey complex concepts, make the training realistic, and add the human element to behavioral situations.


Our creative team designs and creates custom animations (2D, 3D, and virtual tours) and graphical elements that rival those produced by commercial studio standards. We develop media-rich, interactive websites that communicate, impart information, and encourage collaboration through webinars, social networks, online forums, blogs, and other custom solutions for clients.

Video Production

MetaMedia features in-house video production, video/audio editing, and multimedia authoring studios, enabling us to provide a controlled, turnkey solution for our clients. Our studios feature leading-edge production equipment. We often employ a green screen wall, which provides a wealth of creative possibilities when it comes to designing creative media treatment. We take care of the entire production, including scriptwriting, casting, location scouting, field production, post-production, and special effects.

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